myPh3 elegant image gallery

Gallery screenshot myPh3 is an image gallery PHP script that is designed to be elegant, easy to use and install and standards-compatible. Styling is easy and six designs are included.
It reads your photo album directories and presents a slick user interface with automatically generated thumbnails. All you need is a PHP web server with GD installed. Nice, friendly URL's are supported via mod_rewrite (optional) as well as multilingual support (15 translations included) and different visual styles (6 included). No database like mySQL is needed!



If you need help or have any questions, please first read the FAQ on this page. If this still doesn't help, leave a message at the myPh3 SourceForge forums or contact me at elmotheelk at

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

QHow do I update my gallery to the latest version of myPh3?
AThis is very simple. Just download the latest version form this website and copy all files form the zip to your website directory. That's it!
QWhat configuration settings do I have to edit?
AYou only have to edit the myPh3.config.php file and fill in your site url (the subdirectory the script is running in), your image directory (not within your website for security) name, description and welcome message. It's commented and speaks for itself. If you like, you can also change settings like language, enable url rewriting, thumbnail size, visual style, acceptable filetypes, etc.
QWhy do I need to set write access to the photo directory and how do I do this?
AThe script tries to write it's generated thumbnails and full version images into the 'photo' directory to make them accessible for a visitor. These images are stored for efficiency, but it does need write access right to the directory. On Windows systems, it's likely to work out of the box. If not, right-click the photo directory, go to security and add the website user. Then, check the write box and save. On Linux, you can use the chmod command to give the needed rights. Go to the myPh3 directory and execute 'chmod a+w'. If it worked, the error message saying it can't write to your photo directory will disappear and thumbnail will be generated.
QThe script takes a long time to load an album the first time I visit it. How come?
AThe script fully automatically generates the thumbnails and full versions for you. This, depending on the size of the images, the number of images in a directory and the speed of your webserver, may take quite some time. However, since the images are stored, the next time you visit the album, it doesn't have to do this again and is thus very fast. See for yourself!
QPHP sends an error saying the maximum execution time was exceeded. What does this mean?
AThe first time an album is loading, all the thumbnails and full versions of the album's images are generated. If you have a slower server, large images and/or a lot of images in one directory. The maximum PHP script execution time may be exceeded. You can do two things: (1) is to just refresh and the script will pick up image generation where it left off (until it finishes on time) or (2) you could increase the maximum execution time in your php.ini (if you have access to; search for max_execution_time) from 30 (default) to, say, 300 seconds.
QI get a PHP error message saying there is a call to an undefined function imagecreatefromjpeg() (or alike). What does this mean?
AmyPh3 uses the GD graphics library to generate the thumbnails and is thus required. Since it is bundled with PHP, you probably only need to enable it. This is somewhat different on Linux and Windows. See the PHP website for more information. You at least need to enable the module in the php.ini file by uncommenting the module call. Also see this post.
QHow can I change the visual style of my web gallery?
AThat's easy! First, you can choose from several styles that are included with myPh3. In you configuration file, you can set this default style. See the myPh3.css directory for all available style. If you'd like to create your own style, that's really easy if you know some CSS. In the myPh3.css directory, copy the myPh3.default.css style and rename it to myPh3.<yourname>.css (or create your own from scratch). It will be included in myPh3 like any other style. Just set the style configuation setting to <yourname>.
QHow can I set the language or create my own language file?
AReally easy, I'd like to think. In the myPh3.config.php file, you set the 'lang' setting to the language abbreviation. See the myPh3.lang folder for available languages (currently 16 included). You can make a copy (use the common language code) and edit the text to create you're own language. Don't forget to set it in the config file. Please mail me the file, so I can include it in the next release!
QI still can't figure it out./I have found a bug./I want to make a feature request./I'd like to show off my new image gallery.
APlease contact me at the myPh3 SourceForge forums. You can just ask if you need any help. Also, if you have tested it (maybe with other PHP versions) or want to let me know you like the script, leave me a message there.